Growing your business with employees.


Growing your business with employees is a fantastic way to scale up your business. There are potential pitfalls though and these need to be avoided to ensure costly mistakes are avoided.

In the video clip below Tanya speaks to Andrew Beaumont from AJB HR Consultancy Ltd about all things HR advice.


The specifics – what do we talk about?

We talk about some of the dangers employers face when growing your business with employees, including taking on staff and what documentation needs to be in place. We talk about probation periods and what needs to be in your contracts of employment. Also disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Having covered the start of the process we also talk about the other end of the process, if you need to lose an employee. It can be a very costly business if you get it wrong with potential unfair dismissal claims against you. We need employees to grow so we need to work out the best way to do this and avoid as many costly mistakes as we can.


We talk about what you can expect from working with a bespoke HR Consultancy as opposed to one of the big boys in the HR advice world.

Also, linked to that the benefit of bespoke documentation and how that can help to continue your Company culture message and ensure your values are visible across the board.

We talk working from home and supporting your employees when they are doing the same. Because mental health in the workplace is such a big topic on its own, whilst we touch on it in this video we will be doing a further video talking more around this topic.

Growing your business with employees video chat with Andrew Beaumont of AJB HR Consultancy.

Your people are your biggest asset!

To steal Andrew’s strapline there, your people are your biggest asset. Andrew’s approach with his clients is one I particularly like and he talks about it in more detail. He is pragmatic (like me) and whilst he works for employers he always has the employee in mind too. He is fair and has a corporate background in the banking sector.


I work with like-minded people to ensure I can help my clients in the best way and that is why I asked Andrew to come on here for the first Business advice video. We will be getting to chat with experts on various topics that I feel are important to the ambitious business owners out there.


Growing your business advice videos topics will include

Accountant’s guide to getting it right from the outset

SEO & Keyword research – Getting to google page 1

Websites – Getting your web presence right to grow your business

E-Commerce – Get selling online

Branding & getting your name out there (and keeping it there)

Social media for business

The importance of mental health in the workplace

Phone systems and how you portray yourself in business

Financial advisor – grow your wealth alongside your business growth

Outsourcing – How to free up your time to grow your business


Andrew is happy to help any of you with your questions about growing your business with employees so please feel free to contact him directly for HR advice that is specific to your business. He covers all areas of HR and very importantly also does HR training so you can gain some of his vast knowledge in the mind-boggling field that is HR.

If you want to talk about your general business needs then, by all means, contact me for a chat.