Business & Leadership Coaching


Are you thinking of seeing what the hype is all about?


The first thing I would advise before you decide to bite the bullet with business & leadership coaching is –


Meet with various coaches


Everyone is different, that means some coaches will be a better fit for you than others.

Some people react better to a more relaxed style of business & leadership coaching, some people need a rocket…you know where! Some people are well aware of that and know that they will get the best results when this method is used.

If they know what they need then why do they need a business coach I hear you ask! They could just push themselves.

Well…let me fill you in.


When you were a child, did you put your best effort into your homework without your parent badgering you? You did, well done.

You did that every time did you? No…I thought as much.


When you run your own business you are in charge of not only your business but also of your own workload and effort. Enthusiasm can wane! You can have a crappy day, you might even have 3 or 4 (in a row). That is where having a business coach can come in handy. You didn’t fail to push yourself to do your best all of the time because you were a child, it was because you are human.


We all know it is lonely at the top…What if you had someone to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself?


What if that person was on hand, in person or on the phone, just when you needed support? Just when you are feeling like you haven’t got enough orders in the pipeline and cashflow is dwindling. Or when you have so many orders you might let customers down. Or when you don’t know what marketing strategy would be best to implement.


They would be able to remind you of your goals and your WHY!


You started running your own business for a reason, but it is very easy to lose sight of that reason when times get tough. They will also HELP YOU to decide what is best for YOUR business and FOR YOU! Don’t forget that it is your business so you can run it the way you want to.

Business & leadership coaching will help you to stay focused on your goals and ensure you are on the right path to achieving them. They will hold you accountable. Accountable for the goals that you set. They will see you regularly. To suit your goals and time available. There is no point in committing to weekly coaching if you aren’t willing or able to put aside a few hours a week.

Personally, unless you are wanting very fast results because you want to sell up or some other pressing issue, I would recommend fortnightly coaching is a nice place to start. That said if you don’t have a few hours a week to yourself then you definitely need someone to help get your work-life balance back.

Many people who set up a business don’t do it to make shed loads of money…they wanted to be flexible to work the hours they want to. They want to go on holiday when they want to. Pick the kids up from school sometimes or even every day. They want to feel like they are their own boss and not lining someone else’s pockets. There is also the money factor, of course, but it isn’t often the main driving force behind the dream.


Is it going to plan?


Have you forgotten that you wanted to pick the kids up? Are holidays a dim and distant memory? (Let’s just pretend that we are allowed to travel with freedom as we used to). Do you feel like you can’t go away now you don’t get paid holidays? Do you frequently work in the evenings and/or weekends?


We can fix this together!


You don’t have to climb this overwhelming mountain by yourself. Give me a call and I will fit you in for an in-depth introduction to coaching. Let’s revisit your goals, and find your reason WHY.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about me then have a read. You need to know that I know my stuff as well as ensuring that we will be a good fit to work together too. If you want some further reading on the subject of ‘why should I get a business coach‘ this is a great place to start.

Let me just say, you wouldn’t take on an employee you didn’t gel with so don’t do it with a coach either. Your business, your way!

I look forward to meeting/talking to you

Tanya – Pro Business Coach Leicester

Better to talk!

It is always better to talk...but in the meantime send an enquiry

Our business leadership coaching has limited spaces.


Currently only 1 space available


The investment is £500/month – assuming fortnightly sessions.
Sign up for 6 months for £2,500 – 1 month free.

We do suggest a minimum time investment of 3 months. This will ensure a great ROI (return on investment). Business leadership coaching can always recommence at a later date if spaces allow.

Some people find it beneficial to take a break, to take stock of where they have got to and to let things stabilise for a while.

There really is such a thing as growing too fast in business.

Note: We will advise business leadership coaching to be paused for a period of time if we feel it would be beneficial to you and your business.

We will not just keep taking the money if we aren’t adding value anymore. It can difficult for many people to be pushing forwards all of the time. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our best-laid plans. Or sometimes you just need to get some head-space for a while and let things work at a less intense pace.

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