approach to business consultancy
Approach to business consultancy

Why our approach to business consultancy?


At Beacon Business Consultants our approach to business consultancy is the broad concept method. We will organise to meet at your premises (where possible), where our consultant can meet with you in person. You can then take them on a walkthrough of your business. If distance or other reasons don’t allow, we can do this step remotely. It is still highly effective.

Following this, we will have a more in-depth discussion to establish why you are looking for a consultant. Also to discuss what it is you’re hoping to achieve. We discuss any issues your business is facing and verify that we are best placed to help you.

Once we have outlined this, we will work together to establish a realistic timescale for the project.


How do business consultants work?

Our consultant will conduct a quick fact find exercise to gather further information about your business. Lastly, we will schedule subsequent meetings to ensure our momentum continues.

Our clients have found it to be beneficial to have a feeling of having someone to answer to. This is because within many small businesses there are sole directors. This leads to prioritising the day to day running of the business and not making time to focus on these other factors. By investing in a consultant you are forcing yourself to face the issues and act on them. This in the long run gives you more time to do what you want to do because you have a sharper functioning business.

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Why do you need a business consultant?

There are many reasons why you may be considering a consultant within your business:

  • You just would like an outside pair of eyes
  • Perhaps you have hit a crossroads and are unsure of the best direction for your business to take
  • Things may have become stagnant and you are unsure of how best to inject new life into your business, maybe growth has stopped altogether.
  • You want help implementing organisational change
  • Perhaps you need help with your strategic planning and potentially restructuring as a result of this
  • You want to streamline your processes, production or otherwise.

The benefit of having a consultant on board for some of these issues is, as they are not involved in the business on a day to day basis. Therefore they are not going to become involved in the politics.

We often find that employees react favourably to a consultant being present.

This is because they feel it is an opportunity to say how they really feel in a safe environment. Subsequently, quite deep-rooted issues are often out in the open. This can benefit the implementation of organisational change because often the historical business culture can be a large hurdle to jump.

Our approach to business consultancy doesn’t just focus on one area. We will use what we are doing to help with other areas, such as your culture too. Culture plays a huge part in the success of a business nowadays and you cannot afford to ignore it.

Once we identify and implement the business change, we will monitor the success of the change. We also ensure it becomes embedded within the organization prior to completing our consignment with you.


70% of organisational changes fail, this can be for various reasons if you want to find out more then have a look at this article. It is often due to the lack of focus on the embedding stage of the change. We organise and follow up staff training to make sure that the change is fully embedded within the culture of the business.

Also, we have well-established links with various external specialists that can be called upon if necessary.

For example in web design, branding, HR, accountancy, and wealth management.

If you like our approach to business consultancy get in touch to see how we can help you and your business.

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