Organisational Change


Organisations and managers face change on a continuous basis, especially in volatile environments. Sometimes we need to change as a reaction to external threats. And other times it is a proactive attempt to seize opportunities.

It is crucial that organisations endeavour to create and sustain competitive advantage. This includes, where possible, innovating to improve competitive position within the marketplace. You need,  not only the readiness to change but also the ability to implement the proposed changes.

If you can view changes as opportunities rather than threats it can make implementing the changes easier. This is because you need to obtain a ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders, often primarily your staff. Sometimes limited to small groups of staff. But quite often impacts all your employees. Certainly within a smaller company this is commonplace. Their involvement might not be direct. For example physically using the new software system, or just receiving work orders in a different format.

To ensure that the company objectives are met, it is important to manage change carefully. Additionally, that all changes are implemented as smoothly as possible to minimise disruption to the day-to-day running of the business. Including identifying any training needs and support for employees.

There are many different change models that can be used to assist with implementing changes. It can be rather a minefield to ascertain which one(s) to use and how to make them useful rather than just a tick box exercise. There is no point in completing a SWOT analysis for example if you never refer to it down the line.

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Talking is better

How can Beacon Business Consultants help?

Using a consultant that specialises in organisational change management can be hugely beneficial. Did you know that 70% of organisational changes fail? That is a huge number. Typically, management over-estimate the support that the change will get from employees. This means that you are starting on the back-foot straight away.

Nearly all people hate change, there are various reasons for this, but some are just hardwired. It is not really change that is the problem, it is actually fear of the unknown. We can help you to implement your changes in a positive way and to gain maximum ‘buy-in’. Thus leading you to achieve a far higher success rate than the 30% that is standard.

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